Go kart school

You can improve your driving skills whether taking individual or group lessons given by the instructor who is a professional kart racing driver. Kart Racing School provides coaching programs which include several levels of driving skills and experiences. Classes that we provide are as good of a choice for beginners as they are for those who want to take their driving skills to the next level. Education of drivers covers a number of lessons that include introducing to theoretical rules of driving, paths, curve mastering techniques, the structure of the engine and other safety rules.

While working with our professional instructors you will learn how to take that ideal path, how to brake properly and at which point to accelerate in order to achieve the best results. This will save you time and sharpen your driving skills.


Lesson on our rentals include:

  • theoretical part
  • drive in two-seat karting with instructor
  • one 10-minute individual ride



Individual lessons for customers who wish to improve their driving skills on their own karting.



Package of 8 lessons for children age 7 to 15 years.

Each lesson includes:

  • theoretical part
  • drive in two-seat karting with insturctor
  • one 10 minute ride in LR5

Package must be completed over one moth period.